Pointe Santo is a community with many year-round residents and guests who return year after year -- many adult guests first visited as children. 

The association has five main buildings, each just four stories high with seven units per floor. Pointe Santo also has a full-time maintenance staff as well as a full-time office manager and children's activities coordinator. Most of the staff has worked here for years and know the owners and many returning guests personally.

A big part of the reason we decided to buy our unit was because we found Pointe Santo to be a friendly community, and one that is well-managed and cared for by a large number of people -- owners, guests, and full-time staff. We've visited a lot of beaches up and down the Florida coasts, and we enjoyed it. But at Pointe Santo we felt something special.

Pointe Santo really is a community, and not just another Florida real estate development project. Whether you decide to return year after year or visit just once, and whether or not you take the time to socialize with others you meet on the grounds, you'll find people who really are happy to meet you, to offer advice or assistance, and who will help make your vacation better just by being themselves.