A Guide to the Basics on SanibelĀ for Guests in A21

There are a lot of guides to Sanibel Island, including things to do and see. We're not trying to compete with TripAdvisor, but many guests just want to know a few important facts for getting started.

We just arrived, and we desperately need...

You just arrived, perhaps from a long plane ride or a long drive through an unfamiliar area. You're tired, and need some simple information quickly. Then you remembered that you read this article before you booked our unit!

Restaurant options on Sanibel

This is not an encyclopedia of local restaurants, but I want to list a few different restaurant options for guests who haven't done a lot of research and are willing to take a chance that our experience might be of help to them.

Renting bikes, cribs, and related stuff

Although we do try to keep some beach chairs, a beach umbrella, and various water toys and sporting goods in our outdoor closet, there are some items that we don't have space for and/or are nearly impossible to keep in good shape for guests.

Fort Myers stores, restaurants, and movies

A list of stores, restaurants, and movie cineplexes that we have found to be some combination of good, convenient, or very-good-despite-being-inconvenient.